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Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

About Education

Nowdays development of knowledge spread very fast, even that's make many school in Indonesia apply curriculum International (RSBI). But many other school, in small city still apply curriculum National (SSN). Standart of curriculum International more higher than curriculum national. Because, beside daily language of RSBI is English, the lesson of RSBI is more. Although difference, the gradual of SSN also have good talent. University usually look them from IP which are the reach. Actually student can get knowledge from anywhere, ex : teachers, friends, internet, family and everything. That can change their privacy become more better than before.

In education knowledge become something important appreciate the result of education. The result of education is variety. In the school, the result is written in raport. But in family the result build the privacy of individual. If individu have worked, knowledge from school and family become something needed. Actually of work can look not only from the clever but from their good privacy. In conclusion knowledge is something important for individu to sosialize in their environment, build their characteristic and reach their archivement.

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